cot forex Strategie

On August 3, when the report with July 31 data becomes available, it only confirms the short position: The following Friday, August 10, both sides of the contracts rise for EUR/USD, which is not enough to warrant a termination of the current short position: August. Only few minutes per week to dedicate. You can change the number of weeks involved in the index calculation at your discretion, but I use 26 weeks. After the first entry is executed, the strategy remains in the market during all times. How to use the COT Report? Figure 1: Japanese Yen COT Report Sample.

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If we expect the CAD to go up, what will the USD/CAD do? If you want to follow some category of traders, it should definitely be either Dealers or Asset Managers as these two categories consist of the "smartest money" the sell-side of the futures market. For this market, I believe the conditions will be met if the COT Index is above 80 or below 20, while Open Interest Percent is greater than 60 or 50, respectively. Therefore, the COT data can be used as a type of overbought/oversold indicator in terms of the health of the traders within the market. The first thing you want to know is whose hands the market is in: are the commercial traders buyers or sellers? This is a long-term strategy that involves trading against the dumb money or large speculators because they are most wrong at market turning points. Limitless potential for strategy development based on CoT reports. Victoria Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

cot forex Strategie

The first relative measure I use is the COT Index.
You can see this indicator at the bottom of the picture, just below the changes of net open positions.

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