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that opening an account with a forex broker who has taken the trouble to register with a regulatory agency while a very good idea will still not guarantee that the company is legitimate or that your trading funds are safe. Here are a few tips that could alert you to the possibility of questionable business practices and help you to easily discard prospective brokers on your short list. Due to the popularity of forex trading over the past decade, hundreds, if not thousands, of new forex brokers have flooded the market, all seeking your patronage. Nevertheless, by having a regulatory agency involved, a certain amount of recourse exists for a brokers clients if the company files for bankruptcy or if other problems develop that put the return of your trading funds at risk. Brokers offer variable spreads which means that the spreads are subject to current market conditions. Pips: the sum of all pips realized by all the closed trades, not including the floating pips count that might be the result of any open trade.

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Profit amount: the sum of all positive trades return. Does the platform need to be downloaded, as with Metatrader4, the most popular and widely used platform on the market? Instead, the order is filled at a rate that is usually worse than originally intended by the trader. This situation may be good or bad. More on demo accounts later. Performing adequate due diligence on the front end on your prospective forex broker, before making your first trade, can beste forex swing trading Strategie literally save you thousands of dollars and prevent nightmares from ever happening down the road. 50:1 leverage means you can take a 5,000 trade with just 100 in your account. Here you will find our top choices of brokers that you can trust with your money. While the default order of the table list arrangement is according to the.

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