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number of platforms for traders, allowing users to choose the one theyre most comfortable with. The same legislation authorized the creation of the registered futures associations, and in 1982 the NFA started as a self-regulatory organization for the US derivatives industry. Low-volume traders can often save money with a broker that marks up its spreads but charges no commissions, as long as those markups are competitive. For example, here's the key disclosure text from m's website. Both brokers offer spread markups, but OandA just recently moved to also offering commissions and at an attractive rate, 50 per million units. While the company charges a monthly inactivity fee of 10, it only kicks in after a year of no activity, so its hardly a dealbreaker.

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Updated April 9, 2018. Before any fx broker can accept US forex traders as clients, they must become registered as Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (rfed) by the financial regulatory body, the. Maximum leverage: 50:1, account minimum: 50, currency pairs: 80, minimum trade lot: 1,000, get started, the best currency traders combine value with selection and high-quality tools, and OandA and m hit all those notes. High-volume traders may benefit from a commission-only broker. Commission: Both spread markup and commission (50 per one million units). Another is that there are a variety of brokers out there, many of them unregulated or only regulated in countries outside of the.S.